Winter Update: MACC Sports

March 13, 2017 7:22 pm | Published by

As Winter is slowly winding down and Spring is fast approaching, we wanted to update you on our winter sports season. Back in October, we collaborated with Challenge Detroit (a fellowship that works with local organizations and non-profits) to create a youth basketball league. 

We had two main goals, to create a league for kids who because of their age, could no longer participate in our soccer league and to provide a quality league of quantity. We wanted to keep is small, while we provided an avenue for kids to learn about Christ. 

On January 21st we launched the first annual MACC Sports Basketball league. We had a total of 37 boys & girls, ages 10 to 14 enrolled and divided into 3 teams. This meant of course, on game days one team would have to play twice, which was no problem. We had practice on Wednesdays. Not only did the kid
s go over specific drill to help increase their basketball skill but we also had a 5-week bible study curriculum that the kids participated in, that was lead by their coaches. 

This inaugural season was such a success because kids and their families heard about the love of Jesus Christ through basketball, the league introduced them to Mack Ave Community Church and some kids were interested in joining our Youth Group on Friday nights and showed a desire to try soccer in the spring. 

This basketball league allowed us to reach new families and kids we had not previously reached. Next year we are looking forward to having 4 to 6 teams of about 70 kids.

Please pray for more volunteer coaches, referees, and scorekeepers. Pray that the kids who were introduced to Christ continue to ask questions and that we can be there to answer them. 

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