Winter Update: MACC Lit

March 13, 2017 5:44 pm | Published by

We have are truly blessed by the excellent work of Challenge Detroit. They have spent many hours putting together a plan for growth and improvement at MACC Lit. One of the pathways to growth they have explored is a much needed, highly requested Math program. We are pleased and excited explore a Math program to hopefully introduce it in the future.

We are thankful to God for the success of MACC Lit and know and trust in his provisions through the dedication, love and compassion of the tutors, parents and students. At MACC Lit we welcome comments of encouragement and instructive critique. Here are a few from our tutors, students and parents.

 Tutor said:

“I think things have gone well this year.  There have been good materials to use, and I have brought some books that I feel would be of interest to my student, after using books from her packet.”
“I need to work on the writing portion of the session, and have recently gotten ideas for “journal prompts” for writing from the internet.”
“The hour passes pretty quickly, and my student has in the past taken a little time to warm up to the session.  She’s doing very well and getting more enthusiastic, depending on the day.”
“I’m glad there are no toys in the room for distraction this year.”

Student said:

“I love MACC Lit.”

“It’s okay. I want to play more games.”

Parents said:

“My child got tested in reading at school yesterday. Tested at 1st grade 8th month when she started at beginning of year…tested at 3rd grade 8th month now! Wow!”

“My child was SO PROUD of his “six levels.” He has not stopped talking about this. He credits MACC Lit with teaching him to read in English!”

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