The Commons

A Unique Combination Coffee Bar and Coin Laundry

The Commons is a great example of God working tangible hope in the heart of Detroit’s 48214 zip code. The storefront at 7900 Mack Avenue started as the lobby of a furniture warehouse. It went through several transitions from there before, like many other buildings, it was abandoned as the local economy hit rock bottom. After many years of sitting empty it was purchased by MACC Development a Christian nonprofit corporation which was founded in 2010 by Mack Avenue Community Church (MACC) to address the systemic issues that undermine the spiritual and physical health of our community.

Once the piles of dusty, moldy furniture were moved, cobwebs cleared, floor swept, and lights turned on a vision for a different kind of space began to take shape; one that will stand apart from the broken down buildings that line Mack Avenue.  The Commons will be the kind of gathering place that welcomes folks in from the sidewalk, with large glass windows instead boards, and one that encourages individuals to stay, talk with each other, and build community.

The Commons is a unique combination coffee bar and coin laundry that will operate in the storefront space of 7900 Mack Avenue, MACC Development’s new multipurpose building.



The coffee bar will serve gourmet coffees, espresso based drinks, teas, and simple breakfast and lunch options. Hand packed ice cream will also be available during summer months. The coin laundry will have self-operated multi-load washers and dryers. A drop off option will also be available. Additional services will include free WIFI, desktop computers for community use, and a community information wall.

Our vision is not only to provide high quality products and services that are lacking in our community but to serve as a third place, between home and work, where neighbors from different socioeconomic backgrounds come to relax and get to know each other, MACC Development’s various initiatives, and, most importantly, Christ. Revenues from The Commons will not only help make MACC Development self-sustaining through rent, but will also provide new jobs in our community and support existing local suppliers. Profits will be used to directly support small business growth and blight reduction in the immediate vicinity of Mack and Beals.

Ezekiel Harris

MACC Development