Spring Update: MACC Sports

June 12, 2017 6:58 pm | Published by

It has been an exciting season for MACC Sports Soccer!

This year we had 10 teams, with almost 100 total participants. To offer the best experience possible for families, the focus for this season has been quality.

We implemented new procedures, and clearly defined roles as part of this process. As a staple of our league and mission the Gospel is continually being shared with every player, along with a newly added character trait of Jesus. It’s amazing to see how engaged the kids are as we take a break in the middle of each practice to spend time talking about Jesus!

Please pray for high retention with volunteers, especially coaches and players. Each season there are many new players, which is great, but many that played previously do not return for various reasons.

Pray for the quality of the existing MACC Sports programs to continue to increase before any new programs are offered. Also, pray for more parental involvement, only 10% of the volunteers for the current soccer league are parents and we would love to have them be a larger presence.

Lastly, praise God for allowing MACC Sports to continue to thrive and be a staple in the Pingree Park neighborhood as our impact grows!

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