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We seek to see families discipled and the Gospel advanced in the 48214 through sports. MACC Sports is a community-focused sports program that strives to balance high-quality sports instruction with Gospel-centered character-growth and teaching.

Sports League

Sports provide a strong opportunity to build relationships with children and their parents. Furthermore, the role a coach plays in a child’s life can be one of tremendous impact. Our desire is to use this platform to lead our youth towards Christ and to instill our athletes with a strong work ethic, discipline, and respect. Our coaches use a biblio-centric curriculum to ensure that the gospel is communicated clearly.

MACC Sports offers volunteer-led athletic leagues played at Pingree Park, a local park at the center of the 48214′s north-of-Mack-Avenue neighborhood. The league includes: full uniforms; team photographs: Christ-centered volunteer coaches, quality drills and skill improvement; pre-written gospel curriculum for each practice; high quality play—painted fields, referees for each game, and age appropriate goals; end of season pizza party and Medals Ceremony for all participants and families.

Gospel-Centered Skill Curriculum

MACC Sports’ leadership devoted dozens of hours to crafting original soccer skill curriculum, combined with a gospel lesson, for every practice. Coaches are selected based on age-relevant skill levels as well as for their character and responsibility in leading children.

Community Partnerships

MACC Sports has established, and continues to establish, strategic relationships with every local elementary school and several local businesses for sponsorship and collaboration.


MACC Sports successfully established a soccer league of nearly 60 students in Fall 2010. By its very next season, the league had expanded to more than 80 registered players, divided among 12 teams of varying age divisions, and led by 13 volunteer coaches. By its third season, MACC Sports had over 100 paid participants, 14 teams, and over 70 families enrolled in the program. MACC Sports intends to expand into alternative sports in the future.


Ashley Albright | 

MACC Development