Our Mission

Seeking the holistic revitalization of Detroit’s 48214 community, block by block, neighbor by neighbor.

  • We are committed to holistic community development, one that equitably and thoughtfully integrates care and concern for the spiritual, physical, and social conditions of our neighborhood.
  • We have chosen to work exclusively in a zip code on the east side of Detroit that defines our community space. We live here, raise our families here, and will remain here to promote the value, dignity and worth of the 48214.
  • We affirm that community development happens best when organizations step outside the shadow of top-down approaches and on to the front-porches of neighboring. To that end, we strive to account for the uniqueness of every block and neighborhood in the 48214.
  • We believe that community development begins and ends with the empowerment of the families and individuals of which the 48214 consists. We are not merely about ideas, initiatives, plans or projects: we are first and foremost about people.




MACC Development