About MACC Legal

MACC Legal

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To create opportunities for the advancement of the Gospel and pursue just reconciliation through the provision of accessible legal services and education to individuals and families in our community.


Legal Consultation, Representation, and Education

MACC Legal’s volunteer attorneys will provide specialty legal consultation–and in some cases, representation–in the areas of family, bankruptcy, housing, benefits and disability law. MACC Legal will also provide venues for preventive legal education seminars designed to equip our 48214 neighborhood with the capacity to navigate common legal complexities.

Emphasis on Reconciliation

MACC Legal’s services are defined and guided by the all-too-rate concepts of legal reconciliation and mediation, over and against the traditional emphasis on adversarial, divisive outcomes.

Community Partnerships

In addition to standard client intake, representation, and education, MACC Legal will maintain a presence at other MACC Development initiatives – such as MACC Lit and MACC Sports – and offer unique benefits to participants.


MACC Legal has begun managing client intakes and providing services since January 2014. It operates operate out of the 7900 Mack Avenue, also know as the MACC Building.

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out our Volunteer Interest Form, or contact Administrative Director Ana Stutler.