Fall Update: MACC Lit

December 12, 2016 4:31 pm | Published by

img_1883This year at MACC Lit we have given students more ownership of their development by having them set goals. After each student’s initial reading assessment they were given their reading level so they can established a goal with the assistance of Lit’s manager. The students have a year (fall and spring semester) to reach their ambitions. So far kids are on track to meet their target and are looking forward to spring semester!

As MACC Lit continues to service our neighbors in the 48214 through education with its Literacy program we pray every year to deepen current and gain new relationships. We are fortunate and honored to have a place for tutoring (MACC Development’s building is under construction)  and new faces, tutors and families joining Lit.  We are thankful to Conventional Missionary Baptist Church and all involved with MACC Lit’s mission.

img_1882As new faces come there are times when old faces leave. We are saddened to see a long time friend and tutor leave us, but happy for Courtney Faraday. Mrs. Faraday who has been with
MACC Lit for four years tutoring many kids is departing the program to start “JJ’s Heart for Girls”. Courtney and her family are opening their home and hearts to teen and young adult girls desiring guidance and residence in a difficult time in their lives. MACC Lit will continue walking with our neighbors and empowering families through education and are pleased to know and support others in our community serve the needs of God’s people.


Praise and Prayer

  • Praise God for a wonderful fall semester!
  • Praise God for providing a building for fall semester tutoring
  • Praise God for the new tutors and families at MACC Lit
  • Pray for Courtney and her family as they serve God with “JJ’s Hearts for Girls”
  • Please pray we can continue to sustain, maintain and grow relationships with families engaged in MACC Development programs
  • Please pray we can get the tutors needed for MACC Lit spring semester
  • Please pray our faith will strengthen and grow this year
  • Pray for a continued renewing of the mind and understanding that what we do is for God
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