MACC Housing facilities B3 events every summer. These dynamic outreaches partner local community development organizations, neighborhood residents, and a variety of extra-Detroit volunteers to create safe, clean community spaces all over the 48214. B3 events promote leadership of diligent Block Captains – local leaders that create projects and guide volunteer teams in completing those projects – to board hazardous homes, clean dozens of vacant lots, and beautify public parks and spaces. Block Captains must commit to being present during – and contribute in some way – to the B3 Event.

Part of MACC Housing’s goal is for maintaining the progress made during a B3 Event. If a Block Captain wishes to clean a vacant lot, volunteer teams can be made available to help the Block Captain maintain the lot throughout the summer with the Summer Sustainability Program. While we have a limited amount of volunteers, preference will be given to those participating in the Summer Sustainability Program. Those who participate will be celebrated at the end of the summer.

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